Posted on Feb 1, 2021

Tactical Imports Ltd

Riton optics

X3 Conquer 6-24x50 - $895.00 incl. FFP, zero stop.

X5 Primal 3-18x44 - $1,050.00 incl. (SOLD OUT). Pre-order available.

X5 Conquer 5-25x50 MRAD - $1,250.00 incl. FFP, zero stop. Last one, then sold out.

WOOX chassis
Furiosa - $1399.00 incl.
Exactus - $885.00 incl.
Wild Man - $750.00 incl.
Knife - Rock 62X - $265.00 incl.
Axe - Ax Forte - $245.00 incl.
Axe - Ax Volante - $125.00 incl.

See - we are the approved N.Z distributor as per their website.
*Pre-order available.

Riton is based in Tucson, Arizona. This Veteran and family owned business set t.he goal to bring quality and affordability to the optics industry with the greatest focus being you: the customer and end user.

In the initial years of the business, the focus was on market research, design and testing to ensure the Riton optics line could meet all demands of the end user. With a staff of avid shooters and hunters, the product line originates through practical, real world applications providing you with the quality and functionality needed in a variety of applications. The optics are then put through a series of tests by internal experts, as well as Tier One military personnel, law enforcement officers, competitive shooters and hunters all around the world. Riton has continued to grow their product line and market share each year through the continual development of new product requested by you.
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