Posted on Dec 11, 2019

Tactical Imports Ltd

Swiss K31 and IG11 rifles - cal. 7.5 x 55, includes bayonet.

Grade 1 - K31 rifle - In Stock - $1750.00 incl.
Grade 1 - IG11 rifle - In Stock - $1750.00 incl.


These Grade 1 Swiss rifles have matching serial numbers and include a bayonet (must be sold with the rifle) and sling. These are perfect for Service Rifle and or collecting. The Swiss never used corrosive ammo so the bores are mint and they have an excellent trigger. Magazines hold 6 rounds and with the straight pull bolt, the action is fast to reload and in a caliber very close to .308Win.

For ammo see - they have some SP available. The FMJ has just sold out. They take a .308 pill so you can reload later if you wish.
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