Posted on Feb 14, 2020

Tactical Imports Ltd

Daniel Defense Delta 5 in 6.5 Creed 24". Sub 0.75 MOA guarantee. .

IN STOCK - also includes an optional .308 barrel and tool to swap them over in 5-10 mins. These cased rifles will include 2 x 5rd Mag-pul magazines.

This recent shipment (Feb 2020) includes the updated bolt.

We are the sole N.Z approved distributor for Daniel Defense - so you get the factory warranty. Something no one else can offer and no one has in stock.

We recommend Nightforce optics and can provide these at very sharp prices including rings. These rifles are exceptionally accurate.

For sale: Rifle $3,495.00 incl
Extra 20" .308 barrel $1,195.00 incl.

** In the U.S.A these are US $ 2,199.00 ** See - that's NZ $3,745.00 and you still need to ship it and pay GST.

Great buying and selling well.
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